Nyle Dimarco - attitude magazine

Nyle Dimarco

At last, Nyle Dimarco out in Britain. First UK magazines interview with attitude since he won America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 in 2015. He has been busy modeling, appearing on tv (won Dancing with stars in 2016) and becoming an advocate of the deaf community also speaking out on LGBT+ rights, and is campaigning Read more about Nyle Dimarco[…]

Gabriele Micalizzi

Yes, Master ‘Gabriele Micalizzi’

Congratulations to Gabriele Micalizzi! He is the season 1 winner of Sky Arts Master of Photography, and he is 150.000€ richer with his winner prices. I was so hooked on Sky Arts Master of Photography for months and it wasn’t only because the show was great. I have to confess, I have a big crush Read more about Yes, Master ‘Gabriele Micalizzi’[…]

Mark Vanderloo

Mark Vanderloo – Now vs Then

I was shocked when I saw the ’90s super model’s Mark Vanderloo, modeling for “Next – Signature Premium Tailoring Label for Men’s campaign advert 2016” today. He doesn’t looks good with his age, he’s only 48 years old. In the 90s, The Calvin Klein’s ETERNITY for men campaigns that made him famous, it doesn’t do Read more about Mark Vanderloo – Now vs Then[…]

Calvin Klein

    80’s 1983 – Tom Hintnaus 1988 – Ed Flory 1990 – Jr Antonio Sabato 1992 – Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark 1995 – Joel West 1995 – Michael Bergin 2002 – Travis Fimmel 2003 -_Fredrik Ljungberg 2007 – Djimon Hounsou 2007 – Garrett Neff 2009 – Jamie Dornan 2010 – X Elements X Read more about Calvin Klein[…]

Where The Bears Are - Season 5

The bears are back

The bears are back! The cast is event hotter with the new bears of Joseph Arellano, Paolo Andino, Ronnie Kerr and Jeff Wilcox. Of course, all original bears are back too, Joe Dietl, Rick Copp, Ben Zook, Ian Parks, George Unda and my favours Chad Sanders. Also Perez Hilton has a cameo appearance. Behind the Read more about The bears are back[…]