Gabriele Micalizzi

Yes, Master ‘Gabriele Micalizzi’

Congratulations to Gabriele Micalizzi! He is the season 1 winner of Sky Arts Master of Photography, and he is 150.000€ richer with his winner prices. I was so hooked on Sky Arts Master of Photography for months and it wasn’t only because the show was great. I have to confess, I have a big crush Read more about Yes, Master ‘Gabriele Micalizzi’[…]

Will and Grace

Will & Grace return CONFIRMED

Ten years after the colorful and funny NBC hit sitcom “Will & Grace” as confirmed, returning back with original casts Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes. In the past few days, the cast already has been dropping a number of hints and pictures on the social media. The first episode shot a Read more about Will & Grace return CONFIRMED[…]

thumb - Adrian De Berardinis

The Bear-Naked Chef – Adrian De Berardinis

You might have thought you have seen him, taking his clothes off for a long time as a model. Don’t get confuess with tattoo bear’s William August Cullen. At first I thought they were the same person but using a different name. Until I looked at their tattoos on their body, then I can prove Read more about The Bear-Naked Chef – Adrian De Berardinis[…]

Where The Bears Are - Season 5

The bears are back

The bears are back! The cast is event hotter with the new bears of Joseph Arellano, Paolo Andino, Ronnie Kerr and Jeff Wilcox. Of course, all original bears are back too, Joe Dietl, Rick Copp, Ben Zook, Ian Parks, George Unda and my favours Chad Sanders. Also Perez Hilton has a cameo appearance. Behind the Read more about The bears are back[…]